Volunteering with the DRA

International voluntary services are the key contribution to intercultural mutual understanding and to the struggle against marginalization of people. Since 1994 voluntary service has proven to be an integral part of the German-Russian Exchange. Young people interested in professional engagement with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Germany are provided with such opportunity by the means of our partner organizations. We support volunteers in their search for a suitable position, get them set and ready for their activities abroad and provide them with opportunities of voluntary work in future.
Our volunteers realize their ideas and capabilities in social sector, for the sake of certain societal groups or pursuing non-profit purposes in general. They bear responsibility and shape the society of their host countries. Working and living with the local people opens up new opportunities for self-realization and professional engagement. As a volunteer, one meets new people, gets to know a foreign country and acquires important skills valuable in future.
Social openness, the ability to adapt to a new life environment and working conditions as well as good language skills of German and Russian are the major requirements for our voluntary service.


For further information please contact:

DRA e.V.
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Project coordinator
Liliia Ahdhomeladze
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