Russian-German Bureau of Ecological Information (RNEI)

With the help of our program, we want to promote awareness of responsibility for the environment in Eastern European societies, to observe and register the law-making processes in the field of ecology and implementation of environmental law, bolster the active participation of civil actors and to maintain a dialogue between citizens, politicians and experts in the field of climate and ecology.

For this purpose we support the journalists, non-governmental organizations and active citizens from Eastern Europe in their quest to make environmental information more accessible, to carry on projects concerning the environment, energy efficiency and the development of green technologies; we support the use of alternative and renewable energy sources, establishment of contacts in the region and beyond, as well as the attempts to influence political, economic and social issues through an active participation in seeking for solutions.

Among our partners there are organizations such as the ‘Brot für die Welt’, German Federal environmental fund, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Goethe Institute in Moscow, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Deutsche Welle, Association of Journalists n-ost, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany.

Our current project is targeted at the development of global and local responsibility for the climate protection in Russia and Ukraine. The project enhances awareness of global responsibility of Russia and Ukraine in the area of ​​climate protection in society and politics. Another goal is to gain support for international agreements on the part of both countries and to bolster their close cooperation at the European level. In addition, one of the main objectives of this project is to improve competencies and expand the abilities required for the implementation of specific climate goals and sustainable policies.

Objectives of the project:

  • Detailed information on climate change and sustainable development must be mentioned more often in national and local media in Russia and Ukraine
  • Bolstering the active citizens’ own initiatives on the sustainable development in different regions of Russia and Ukraine
  • Draw attention to the topic and increase the readiness of the governmental structures and politicians to address issues of climate change and sustainable development and implement the proximate measures accordingly

To meet these objectives, the following measures are underway:

  • Activities in the field of international negotiations on climate change and climate politics
  • Involvement of journalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations from Russia and Ukraine in the UN climate conferences 2015/2016
  • Online workshops on the UN climate talks
  • Arrangement of climatic sections and workshops within the framework of Russian and Ukrainian conferences and events on climate change
  • Activities in the field of citizen participation for sustainable development of cities and regions
  • Workshops and events for the transfer of active citizenship methods and the concept of sustainable development techniques
  • Accompanying measures for the distribution of information and the establishment of international networks
  • Monitoring of the climate protection and human rights
  • More active participation of Russia in international initiatives on the environment and climate protection through the work of non-governmental organizations
  • ongoing work with the public