DRA protests against brutal attack on our colleague Oleg Kozlovsky

The DRA demands an immediate and thorough investigation of this crime, as well as the punishment of the guilty in court under the control of the federal authorities. Oleg Kozlovsky should be reimbursed for all losses, the safety of human rights defenders in the North Caucasian republics of Russia should be restored and guaranteed by the state.

This requirement also applies to the neighboring Chechen Republic, whose president, Ramzan Kadyrov, several weeks ago proclaimed the expulsion of all human rights defenders as a principled strategy of the republic. In this regard, the DRA demands the release of the head of the Memorial in Grozny, Oyub Titiyev, who has been detained since January 2018 under a false accusation of drug possession. Two weeks ago, the judicial sitting in the case Oyub Titiyev was closed to the public without any reason other than purposeful non-transparency.

High risks, including the threat of deprivation of life, for those in the Russian North Caucasus fighting for the human rights, remain systematic and are the responsibility of political leadership in Moscow, which admits the outrage of its local representatives in the federal republics and partly actively encourages it.

Increasingly, human rights activists from Russia are forced to flee abroad - as is the case with our friend and colleague Oleg Kozlovsky - because in their own country they could no longer be sure of the safety of their lives.

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