Autumn Talks: Escaping the Spiral of Violence: Prevention of Radicalization in Eastern and Western Europe, 28th November 2019, Rotes Rathaus, Berlin |

Date: 28th November 2019, 13.30-22.00
Location:  Rotes Rathaus Berlin, Rathausstraße 15, 10178 Berlin
Funded by:  Federal Foreign Office, Heinrich Böll Foundation, ZEIT Foundation, Senate of Berlin
Organizer:  DRA e.V.

Politically or religiously motivated acts of violence regularly dominate media reports. Debates in European societies appear increasingly polarized; various groups are radicalizing along internal and intersocietal lines of conflict. Against this backdrop, the 24th Berlin Autumn Talks inquires after the causes and possible solutions to these societal challenges and are dedicated to the lessons learned from approaches to prevention of radicalization in Eastern and Western Europe. The conference is aimed at Eastern European experts, representatives from European civil society, as well as an interested public. In parallel fishbowl discussions, current aspects of radicalization tendencies will be examined in more detail as well as the needs, possibilities and limitations of various actors in prevention of radicalization. The cross-border exchange of experience should serve the furthering of knowledge to strengthen prevention work, the formulation of a common strategy, as well as the establishment of cooperation in the field of work.

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