Autumn meetings: How information technology is changing Europe, 29th September, St. Petersburg |

The theme of this year will be "How Information Technologies Change Europe". Сonsideration will be focused on changes in social and political life in Europe, which are observed as a result of information technology and have a long-term significance. Autumn Meetings 2018 will be devoted to the following topics:

  • How is work changing in Europe: the organization of labor, jobs and time, new professions and the adaptation of education,
  • How are the European media changing: traditional and social media, "post-truth" and fake news, virtual public sphere, new transparency and the right to information,
  • How are European policies and states changing: new forms of political communication, e-government, e-democracy, election campaigns, political control over people, protection of personal data or transparency
  • How is European activism changing: political mobilization and its control, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, volunteering, working with open data, activism in the field of information technology, freedom of opinion or extremism.

We invite everyone interested on September 29 for the Autumn Meetings! More information about the event will appear closer to the date on page of NRO, as well as in VK groups.

if you have ideas about inviting speakers from Europe, as well as a desire to cooperate or help us in the preparation, write to our address

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