Ab 1.9.: Praktikum bei der Vorbereitung der 20. Deutsch-Russischen Herbstgespräche

Appeal to the citizens of the Russian Federation on the occasion of Russia's armed invasion of Ukraine on 24.2.2022
DRA, Berlin
Citizens of Russia, this post is, first of all, for you! The Russian authorities unleashed a full-scale unprovoked war against Ukraine and attacked all its regions.
We urge you to receive information about the situation from media independent from the Kremlin, and a list of such media outlets is posted below. Share the truth about what is happening with your loved ones, friends, colleagues and neighbours.
But just sharing information is not enough now, it is necessary to demonstrate that you are against the war with Ukraine. Go out to protests, speak openly about your position, do not let the Kremlin create a picture of unilateral support for aggression in Russian society.
Independent media that report information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Russian: