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Let us stand together for cultural and social diversity! 

From 2018, the DRA is implementing its programme "INKuLtur - For Inclusion and Participation in Сultural Life" in collaboration with partners from Eastern European countries and Germany 

Our key concern is to enable people with disabilities in Eastern Partnership countries to have equal access to art and culture. 

The DRA has withdrawn all measures and cooperation in Russia on the 26th of May. Find out more HERE.

People with disabilities encounter problems in many everyday situations that make equal access in society difficult if not impossible. These affect wheelchair users, people with hearing or visual impairments, as well as people with intellectual and other disabilities. Many have never been to a museum or cinema in their lives: not for lack of interest, but because there are no suitable provisions and lots of restrictions due to social context. 

Additionally, many people share opinions along the lines of: "But why would a blind person need to be able to go to a museum, if they cannot see anything there anyway?” The so-called "mental barriers" are therefore no less of a problem than the physical ones. 

Our international programme "INKuLtur - FoInclusion and Participation in cultural life" aims to change this!

The INKuLtur team in Berlin:


Nataliia Zviagintseva, Programme Coordinator and PR-Manager
Tel: +49 (0) 30 446 680 13

Carina SpreitzerProgramme Coordinator and Finance Manager 

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