German-Russian Exchange

Who we are

The DRA (German-Russian Exchange) is an international acting non-governmental organization, founded in 1992 and based in Berlin. The association contributes together with its Russian Partner office German-Russian Exchange St. Petersburg to the development of democratic societies and civil society actors in Europe, especially in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Working on a regional, federal and international level together with various national and international partners DRA leads a big range of projects in the fields of active citizenship and civil participation, media, education, civil and human rights and monitoring, NGO development, history, aid to refugees and conflict resolution, sustainable development, urbanistics, and climate protection, intercultural understanding, social affairs, youth exchanges, culture heritage protection. Using its expertise DRA gives consultancy to foundations, ministries, politicians, universities, think tanks, social organizations and other multipliers in the fields of East European Cooperation, Education and Democracy Development is coordinating programs for them. In addition, the DRA is co-initiator and founding member of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF) and since 2014 is hosting the CSF secretariat in Berlin. Due to its multiyear cross-sectoral work, regular multi- and bilateral conferences and other public, informational and educational events DRA promotes transnational networks and draws attention to current developments in Eastern Europe and to the EU-relations. Besides of this it gives young people access to intercultural experience through volunteering in NGOs, student exchange and internship programs. With different projects DRA assists the integration of immigrants into social and civil initiatives, their access to the labor market, qualification of migrant entrepreneurs and migrant organizations, as well as supports intercultural openness and tolerance in the host society.